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Scarecrows in the Zoo Returns for Second Year in Partnership with the Alabama Herb Society

scarecrow 1ZooBoo is just around the corner and the Montgomery Zoo and Mann WIldlife Learning Museum has teamed up with the Alabama Herb Society for the second year of “Scarecrows at the Zoo,” an exhibition of original and naturally crafted scarecrows.  

Entries can be from individuals, schools, business, scout groups, church youth groups and others.  Scarecrows should be designed to capture the wonders natural plant life.  The theme is “ALL Things in Nature.”  

Entries must be set up during the week of October 6-10 and will remain on display until October 31.   Entry must include sign that gives scarecrow Name/Theme, group/company name (if applicable), contact person(s) name and e-mail and phone number.  The Zoo or Alabama Herb Society will not provide any signage for your entry.

scarecrow 2Scarecrows can celebrate favorite garden pastimes, the harvest season, the outdoors, anything related to fall and festive or a little scary but must be suitable for audiences of all ages.  Entries must be made primarily of materials found in nature, recycled materials (bottles, cans) and other natural fiber materials. Scarecrows can vary in size from small to a maximum of seven feet tall.  Facial expressions are often the first thing viewers notice so be creative!   Scarecrow stuffing possibilities - plastic bags filled with newspapers, corn shucks, hay or wheat straw. Hair and head possibilities include gourds, yarn, brooms, corn cobs/shucks, raffia, old mops, pots, burlap, pillowcase, etc.

The Montgomery Zoo and Alabama Herb Society reserves the right to remove any entries reflecting controversial political or social subject matter, entries in poor taste for family viewing, and/or entries that are overly commercial or promotional in nature.  The Alabama Herb Society reserves the right to reject any entry that does not meet the listed qualifications and to remove any scarecrow that deteriorates to an unacceptable level, including abuse by visitors.

Entries will be subject to the elements (rain, heat, etc.) for one month and viewed by thousands of visitors.  Make scarecrow construction as weatherproof and indestructible as possible. 

The Mayor’s office will judge entries  based on several categories (students, business, community group, etc.) Ribbons and prizes will be awarded.

All scarecrows not picked up by November 3, 2019 will be discarded.

scarecrow 3For more information contact Duane Mara with the Alabama Herb Society at or 334-546-0292 or Melanie Golson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager with the Montgomery Zoo at