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Zoo Conservation Projects


SSP/PMP Participation

  • conservation-pandaGiant anteater, Banteng, Spectacled bear, cheetah, bongo, chimpanzee, siamang, colobus, eld’s deer, blue duiker, dama gazelle, slender-horn gazelle, giraffe, jaguar, kudu, ocelot, Asian rhino, spider monkey, maned wolf, pigmy hippo, African elephant, N.A. river otter, lion, Canada lynx, Andean condor, hammerkop, king vulture, black-footed penguins, toco toucan, Galapagos tortoise, Asian brown tortoise, indigo snake, crocodile monitor, taylors cantil, E. diamondback rattlesnake, emerald tree boa, annulated boa, bushmaster, Panamanian golden frogs

Staff Involvement

  • conservation-panda2Published emerald tree boa and annulated boa studbook 1997-2004 (staff time & travel)
  • Supported toucan SSP coordinator 2004-present (staff time & travel)
  • Supported Venezuelan CAP secretary (staff time)
  • AZA Animal Welfare Steering Committee member (staff time)
  • Staff member coordinated toco toucan SSP population reconstruction project (held and distributed funds, staff time, staff training, importation of animals)

Monetary Donations

  • 2003 ZOOCOG $500 Zoo Conservation Outreach Group
  • 2005, 2006 CBSG $500 Captive Breeding Specialist Group
  • 2007-2010 IRF $40,000 International Rhino Foundation
  • 2008-2013 TNEC $5,000 The National Elephant Center

Educational Presentations

  • Annual Earth Day Event (2 days)
  • Biome Presentation
  • Eagle Observation & Awareness Program at Lake Guntersville State Park
  • Annual Zoo Summer Camp for ages 6-12

Educational Materials

  • Biobox loan program to educators
  • Interpretive graphics on flagship animals throughout zoo

Environmental & Resource Recycling

  • Office and newspaper collection on site
  • Ink cartridge collection on site
  • Cell phone collection on site
  • Aluminum can collection on site
  • Zootrients, State Recycling grant to reduce landfill waste and produce reusable compost
  • Zoo restaurant oil collection on site, used by City of Montgomery to produce biodiesel fuel
  • Landfill waste owned by City of Montgomery used to produce methane gas fuel

Field Conservation Projects

  • 2005 Funded toco toucan population density survey in Georgetown, Guyana $2,000
  • 2007-2010 Funded rhino translocation project in Nepal with rhino SSP $40,000

Elephant Conservation Projects

  • Collected and provided umbilical cord samples from newborn baby elephant to Cornell University for EEHV study
  • Hosted researcher and provided samples to Georgia Southern University for experimental estrous cycle determination using urine hormone analysis