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Touch & Feel

One of the main differences between a fine arts museum verses a learning museum, like the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum, is touching and feeling. Yes, we want you to touch and feel the many exhibits at the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.

There are several exhibits scattered throughout the Museum, that we actually encourage our guests to touch and feel the pelts and skins of our various animals. Just think about it for a second. How often will you be able to touch the pelt of a black bear or the velvet antlers of an elk in your lifetime? Unless you are related to Grizzly Adams or become the great trophy hunter, probably not too often.

As you enter the Museum, along the entry wall there are several pelts from the deer family available to touch and feel. Some are very soft and fine while others tend to be more coarse and thick. When George P. Mann was inspired to curate this Museum, it was his hopes to share his love and his many wildlife experiences with inner-city citizens; especially children. Often there are children that will grow up without ever seeing much of the wildlife within in our own State, let alone, having the opportunity to actually touch and feel one.

There are pelts from several variety of deer, bear, wolf, and badger. There is even an elk where you touch its pelt and the velvet of his antlers.