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Learning at Home


Education about wildlife and conservation is our primary mission at the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.

We have prepared the following resources to help support your lesson plans and classroom enrichment.

Check back often for additional resources to be added to this library.

Animal Fact Sheets

Coloring Sheets

Video library

Includes various keeper talks and insights on the animals that reside at the Montgomery Zoo. Note: when you click on any of the links below, a screen will display informing you that you are exiting the Zoo's web site and going to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. To view the selected video, just click GO TO EXTERNAL URL. 
     -- African hoofstock:
     -- Kaitlyn with chimpanzees:
     -- Nikki and African elephants:
     -- Collin and the African Lions:
     -- Cassie with Canadian lynx:
     -- Rachel in Stingray Bay:
     -- Bekah and Morte: https://
     -- Danielle with DeSoto:
     -- Hissing cockroaches:
     -- Cougar cubs playing:
     -- Dr Kanyon with African hoofstock:
     -- Giraffe training preparations:
     -- Jen and cougars cubs:
     -- Michelle talks about Giraffe Enrichment:
     -- Sean with African elephants:
     -- Alexis with the Jaguars:
     -- Alexis hangs out with Lemur troop:
     -- Nakita and Kai, jaguars at the Zoo:
     -- Jen and the River Otters:
     -- Kaitlyn with our siamang troop:
     -- Wayne and capybara herd:
     -- Wayne and spider monkeys:
     -- Brooke and the pygmy hippos: