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Animal Paintings - Enrichment Technique

Beautiful, Unique, Abstract Art

Some of our animals are given the opportunity to paint on canvas using non-toxic finger paints and other art supplies. We have found that this enrichment technique is stimulating for:

- Chimpanzees
- Spider monkeys
- Squirrel monkeys
- Siamangs
- Giant anteaters- Giraffes- Some of our birds 

Purchase an Animal Painting Today!

  • Our Animal Paintings are sold at zoo special events and by special order.
  • Prices vary from $45 to $200 depending on the canvas size and frame.
  • Included with the painting is a photograph of that specific animal in the process of creating the art.
Money generated from the sale of Animal Paintings is used for continuing education and conservation projects. 

More Information

Jason Bielen  |  334-625-4912  |  jbielen@montgomeryal.gov