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Animal Encounters

Make your next visit to the Montgomery Zoo a grand wildlife adventure. Make a true connection with some of the animals here at the Montgomery Zoo by enjoying a true encounter with our four-legged and feathered friends.

Koi Fish Feeding Station

A feeding station is located at the Asian Koi Fish pond. For 50 cents, grab a handful of feed to provide to the fish. The interaction between the guests and the animals provides a unique wildlife experience for you and great enrichment for the animals. The nutritional snack adds to their daily diet, but the interaction between animals and human also provides physical and mental stimulation encouraging behaviors resembling those for that species in a wild setting. Enrichment is intended to encourage behaviors that are appropriate for that species targeted, as well as to satisfy an animal’s physical and psychological needs.

Stingray Bay

Enjoy an animal encounter of the wet kind. As part of guests' Zoo admission, you have the opportunity to tour through Stingray Bay enjoying an assortment of fish and water plant life. The star attraction is our collection of stingrays; including Cownose, Fiddler, and Southern Stingrays. Enjoy an upclose and wet encounter petting them as they glide by in their cool, saltwater tank. For $3 per person, guests can purchase food to give to the stingray, and make a new best friend. Food tickets can be purchased at the Main Gate Admissions Office or at the Mann Museum.  

Giraffe Encounter

Have you ever stood nose-to-nose with an 18 foot giraffe? Well, here is your chance. Visit the Zoo’s Giraffe Encounter Post located at the Giraffe exhibit in the African realm. For $3 per person guests can venture over a wooden deck and actually walk over the moat onto the Giraffe exhibit. With feed in hand, these gentle giants will venture over to greet you and your friends. There is no experience to match seeing these giant creatures literally only inches away.

Parakeet Cove

Visit Parakeet Cove and experience hundreds of parakeets flying past and over your head. Entry to Parakeet Cove is included in your zoo admission; however, you have the opportunity to purchase a feeding stick for $2 and enjoy a one-on-one encounter with one (or many) of the birds. You and the birds will love this interaction and unique experience. Parakeet Cove is located near the entrance of the Zoofari Skylift Adventure Ride.

Petting Zoo

Visit and pet a collection of African Pygmy Goats, Llama, Sheep, Ducks, and Baby Doll Sheep. These guys love to be petted, brushed, be around people and played with. Entry to the Petting Zoo is included in your zoo admission; however, you have the opportunity to purchase a bag of feed for $2 and enjoy a one-on-one encounter with one (or many) of the goats. I don't believe they have ever turned down a snack. The Petting Zoo is located in the playground area in the Asian realm of the Zoo.

Lion Training

See our two male African lions go through a training session with our zookeepers at 1pm daily. The training will take place at the African lion display adjacent to the Black Bear habitat. Watch as the keepers lead the lions through a series of target training exercises and take questions from guests.

Elephant Keeper Talk

Visit with our elephant keepers and get some insight on our three resident African elephants, Star, Tina and Makena. This question and answer session takes place daily at 10:30am at the double-decker African viewing station. This sessions is entertaining, fun and educational for all ages.

South American Aviary

Walk into the South American flight aviary. See a vast array of South American birds fly over head, swim in the ponds and walk about the aviary pathway. See turtle and other water creatures as you walk through the area they call home. Pull up a bench, take a break in the shaded environment. Listen to the sweet sound of birds singing and nearby children laughing. It is a great place to rest or escape for a moment.