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    - Capybaras arrive in South American realm at Zoo, on display daily
    - A conspiracy of five Lemurs make debut Friday, Jan 13 at 10am
    - Winter Animal Enrichment Day, Saturday, Feb 11, 10am - 2pm
    - Jaguar cubs, Scott and Todd on display daily, 9am-2pm
    - Pygmy hippo calf and momma (Monty and Lola) on display daily
    - Join us for Behind the Scenes & Animal Experiences -- see details
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Giraffe KissThe Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum: Where Adventure Awaits You! 
Penetrate deep into the jungles of South America. Travel the savannas of Africa or the hilltops of Asia. Venture the tall grasses of the North American plains. See the Zebras graze on the plains while elephants roam nearby. Join us for a fun-packed and educational adventure. Enjoy over 500 animal residents from five continental realms, all housed in natural, barrier-free habitats. The Zoo spans over 42 beautifully landscaped acres, offering guests magnificent views of exotic wildlife and endangered species. By leisurely stroll, or with a ride on the miniature train, the Montgomery Zoo is a sight to see! Located minutes from historic downtown Montgomery.

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Montgomery Zoo proud to announce MONTY, as the name selected for male African pygmy hippo calf 
On Tuesday, July 5, during the Zoo's inaugural Twilight Tuesdays event, the Zoo staff, friends, family and guests proudly debut a male African pygmy hippo calf.  The calf was born on April 3, 2016, to resident parents, mother Lola and father Nile.  

Mother and calf may be seen in a special, temporary exhibit located in our South American realm adjacent to our flock of Chilean flamingos.  Zoo supporters, staff and friends are especially proud of this birth due to the rarity of African pygmy hippo births in captivity.  Also, this calf is not represented genetically in the North American population.  

Mother and calf will be on display daily, pending weather and animal husbandry.

View full press release.  
View pic -- Hippo 1
View pic -- Hippo 2
View pic -- Hippo 3

Naming Election Day.  On Tuesday, August 23, voters had the opportunity to select the name of our male pygmy hippo calf through exercising their privilege to vote.  The candidates for the names were Monty, Henry and Lyle. Guests could vote online or during their visit to the Zoo or Museum.  

The people have spoken, and a name has been selected.  On Wednesday, August 24 at 3pm, Zoo Director, Doug Goode and Zoo Deputy Director, Marcia Woodard, announced the findings of the election poll results.  The name selected for our new pygmy hippo calf is... MONTY.  
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Thank you to everyone that submitted names, voted and campaigned so diligently.  It was a long, hard fought campaign and we congratulate MONTY on his victory.   

Enjoy a unique behind the scenes, wildlife experience 
Game Day at the Montgomery Zoo.  Start your weekend at the Montgomery Zoo with a special and unique behind the scenes tour and animal experience.  Learn about your favorite team's mascot, whether it be the University of Alabama Pachyderms, the Auburn Tigers or the Florida Gators.  Take in a one of a kind animal experience before the big game day kickoff.  

Experiences and behind the scenes available are:
     - Elephants
     - Tigers
     - Giraffes 
     - Alligators

Behind the Scenes Experiences. We are looking forward to sharing this wonder experience with our Montgomery Zoo members and visitors.  

More detailed info and registration.

Help build a legacy for generations to come by giving 
A legacy has been built here at the Montgomery Zoo greatly in part from generous donations from friends and members just like you. Either as a dedication, class project, memorial, unique gift item, or as a holiday year-end gift, your gifts are contributed to the general fund allowing the Montgomery Zoo to continue to expand, develop new exhibits and programs, introduce new rides and animal encounters while continuing to touch the people of the region and outlying communities.  

There are multiple ways to contribute to the Montgomery Zoo. 

Our goal is simple yet true. We want to create and maintain an environment that is safe and healthy for our guests and animals alike, creating a positive and learning experience for all to enjoy. Won't you join us in building a legacy that will impact today and generations to come?  

Help bring Stingray Bay to the Montgomery Zoo 
One of our future animal exhibit projects is building a touch and feel stingray exhibit, Stingray Bay.  This exhibit will be an enclosed exhibit with a pool filled with a multitude of free swimming stingray. Guests will be able to enjoy a full animal encounter by observing them as they swim about the tank and interact with each other, guests will be allowed to touch the stingray as well as feed the stingray.

The past few Zoo Weekends and Zoobilations have raised funds to bring this exhibit and this animal experience to the Montgomery Zoo. However, we still need to raise some additional funds in order to move forward and begin construction. If you would like to help by contributing online to this fund and bring stingrays to the Montgomery Zoo, please visit this online giving site.

Also, help spread the news by liking and sharing the Stingray Bay facebook page. 

Thank you, and we are grateful for your support and help in bringing stingrays to the Montgomery Zoo. 

     - Give online today 

     - Visit the Stingray Bay facebook page

     - Fundraising event

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Buy your Montgomery Zoo and/or Mann Wildlife Learning Museum daily tickets, make group and school group reservations, and purchase your memberships online now.  It is quick, easy and a blast!  

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Need more Zoo information
Zoo and Museum hours of operation

open daily, 7 days per week*
     9am - 5:30pm**  ***
*Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas 
  Day (the zoo will open Christmas night
  during Christmas Lights Festival) and
  New Year's Day.  

** Last ticket is sold at 4pm.  Major animal
begin closing at 4:30pm daily. 
    All guests must exit the park by 5:30pm. 

Mann Museum open daily 7 days per week, 9am - 5:00pm daily. Last admission to the Museum is at 4:30pm.

Twilight Tuesdays: Every Tuesday during the month of July, our hours will be altered to 11am - 7pm, last admission at 6:30pm, and everyone must exit the front gates by 7:30pm. 

*** December hours: 9am - 5pm.  Re-open at 5:30pm for Christmas Lights Festival on nights that it applies. 

Overlook Cafe concessions hours:  The Overlook Cafe is open Monday - Friday, 10am - 4:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.  Grill open 10am-4pm daily.  Playground refreshments kiosk open Saturday and Sunday 10:30am - 3:30pm.  Months March - May weekdays 10am - 2pm.


Firearm and weapon policy: No firearms and/or weapons of any sort are allow on the City of Montgomery Zoo property. Signs are posted at each entrance.

Phone contacts
(334) 240-4900
Gift Shop: (334) 240-4960
Mann Museum: (334) 240-4905
Overlook Cafe: (334) 240-4950
Memberships: (334) 240-4902
Education: (334) 240-4909
Field Trips: (334) 240-4902

Physical address
2301 Coliseum Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36110


A conspiracy of five ring-tailed lemurs make their debut Friday, Jan 13 at 10am
Please help us welcome our newest Zoo residents, a conspiracy of five ring-tailed lemurs.  The Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum is excited to announce the opening of a new ring-tailed lemur exhibit on Friday, January 13, 2017. Join zoo officials in welcoming the troop of five to Montgomery at 10am in the South America realm of the zoo.  

“We are proud to be able to introduce this new species to our zoo guests,” said Zoo Director, Doug Goode. “Lemurs are entertaining to watch and will make a great addition to the Montgomery Zoo.” 

The lemur exhibit is located in the South America realm of the zoo directly across from the recently opened capybara exhibit. Visitors can view the lemurs daily between 9am and 4:30pm, pending weather and animal husbandry needs.  

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Capybaras arrive in South American realm
Please help us welcome our three newest Zoo residents, Gus, Jasmine, and Belle.  These three capybara youngsters (one male and two female) live in the South American realm at the Montgomery Zoo.    

Though they may look like hairy pigs or tailless beavers, capybaras are actually rodents most closely related to guinea pigs and Patagonian cavies. The largest living species of rodent, capybaras are native to South America east of the Andes Mountains. They recently gained international exposure during the golf tournament of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

Their scientific name hydrochoerus hydrochaeris means “water pig,” and they can be found in swampy, grassy regions bordering rivers, lakes, and streams. Webbed feet make them good swimmers, and they are able to stay submerged in water for up to five minutes.

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Zoobilation: Huge success, raised nearly $131,000 to help bring stingray bay to the Montgomery Zoo 
Thank you to everyone that participated, volunteered, sponsored, partnered, attended, or was a vendor at this year's Zoobilation, held Thursday, Sept 15, at the Montgomery Zoo.  The night was a huge success and a lot of fun.  We were able to raise nearly $131,000 for this new hands-on, interactive stingray exhibit and educational facility.  Now that fundraising for this project is complete, it is our hope to start breaking ground on this new and exciting addition to the Zoo in mid-November 2016.

Again thank you to everyone that played a role in making Zoobilation a huge success and a smash hit event in the River Region.  For a more detailed report, please view the post-event press release below.    
     -- Download a post-event press release

Pre-event information:  Join us for Zoobilation: Welcome to Stingray Bay on Thursday night, September 15, 6pm-10pm.  Enjoy an evening of dining and dancing under the stars at the Montgomery Zoo.  Dine on delectable delights, enjoy cool refreshing adult beverages, dance the night away and bid on fine collectibles at the silent auction.  

Zoobilation is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Montgomery Area Zoological Society and Mayor Todd Strange.  All proceeds will be contributed to the new touch and feel, interactive stingray exhibit and educational facility at the Montgomery Zoo.  

Purchase tickets online now or during your next visit to the Zoo.  All guests attending Zoobilation must be at least 21 years old.  
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View Media Alert #1, August 9, 2016
View video promo
View Media Alert #2, August 29, 2016
View auction items, pre-register to bid
View Media Alert #3, Sept 1, 2016
View Media Alert #4, Sept 7, 2016
View Media Alert #5, Sept 9, 2016

The Montgomery Area Zoological Society serves as the fundraising board of the Montgomery Zoo 
It is the goal of the Montgomery Area Zoological Society (MAZS) to aid and contribute to the conservation, education and preservation efforts of the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.  It serves this purpose as being a fundraising arm of the Zoo to aid in the growth and expansion of the Zoo by raising funds to build future exhibits, animal encounters, rides and attractions and play as host and partner of many of the Zoo's special events.

To discover more information about the MAZS board 

Big savings... School group discounts and packages 
School groups, home school associations, day cares; large or small, come one, come all.  From a school field trip to a classroom outing or project, we welcome everyone to the Montgomery Zoo.  Visit over 500 species of exotic animals from five continental realms in the heart of Alabama's capital city.  Located only minutes from historic downtown Montgomery.  Move your classroom experience outside and enter the wildest adventure of the school year.  Roam 42 beautifully landscaped acres.  Delight in the sights and sounds of a world-class zoological facility.  Enjoy two fantastic attractions in the one convenient location.  Create a fun-filled, education packed day.  Groups or individuals, there is plenty of fun and adventure for everyone, and all ages. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to qualify for discounted group admissions, your group must have at least 20 paying guests.  

Be sure to check-out these upcoming events at the Montgomery Zoo.   
  • Overlook Cafe concessions hours: The Overlook Cafe is open Monday - Friday, 10am - 4:30pm.  Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.  Grill open 10am-4pm daily.  Playground refreshments kiosk open Saturday and Sunday 10:30am - 3:30pm.  Months March - May weekdays 10am - 2pm.  Click to view menu and place your lunch order  
  • Education Volunteer Docent Zooteen Banquet, January 31 at 6pm.  Dinner and banquet celebrating and awarding Zoo Education Department volunteers.  All Montgomery Zoo docents and zooteens are welcome to join in this event allowing the Zoo staff and board members the opportunity to say thank you for all their heard work during the year.  Invitation only event.  
  • Animal Enrichment Day, February 11 at 10am - 2pm.  From zoo animals to our pets at home and even including us, we all need enrichment.  A chance to smell a new scent.  Taste a new favor.  Play a new game or figure pout a puzzle.  Enrichment is an effort to tap into and stimulate our basic five senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing.  The result is to stimulate behaviors resembling those for that species in the wild.  It is a lot of trial and error, but it is always fun.  
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day, February 25 at 10am - 5:30pm.  Brunch and banquet celebrating and awarding loyal and dedicated volunteers.  All Montgomery Zoo volunteers are welcome to join in this event allowing the Zoo staff and board members the opportunity to say thank you for all their hard work during the year.  Brunch begins 10am.  After brunch, volunteers may spend the day in the Zoo with family and friends.  All guests must check in at the brunch at the Mann Museum to gain access to the event and to the Zoo.  Invitation only event.  
  • Zoo Weekend, March 11-12 at 9am - 6pm.  Festive environment with live entertainment, games, rides, concessions and animals from around the world.  Enjoy the many activities, fantastic food and have fun together at an affordable price.  It is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of discounted memberships.  If you are interested in volunteering at Zoo Weekend, please submit a volunteer application or give us a call at (334) 240-4930.  


Winter Animal Enrichment Day, Feb 11, 10am - 2pm   
From zoo animals to our pets at home and even including us, we all need enrichment.  A chance to smell a new scent, taste a new flavor, play a new game or figure out a challenging puzzle or game.  The result is to stimulate behaviors resembling those for that species found in the wild.  It is a lot of trial and error, but it is always fun.  

Event fee: Regular admission fee to enter zoo; however, there is no additional fee to view and participate in the Animal Enrichment Day activities.  

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View Animal Enrichment Day map and schedule

Jaguar cubs, Scott and Todd on display in South American realm daily, 9am - 2pm   
Two male Jaguar cubs, Scott and Todd made their public debut on Friday, August 5 at 10am.  Please help us welcome our two newest little additions.  These two male Jaguar cubs were born May 21, 2016 at the Montgomery Zoo.  Proud mom, Nikita and father, Kai are both residents of the Zoo and this is their third litter of cubs together.  

Scott and Todd both sport a black coat like their father.  This is a condition called melanism which occurs in approximately six percent of the population.  Since birth, mom and the cubs have remained in the jaguar den allowing the cubs an opportunity to bond.   

Nikita, Scott and Todd will be on display daily from 9am - 2pm, pending weather conditions and animal husbandry.  

So where did the names come from?  The two names for our two jaguar cubs are honorary names dedicated to Mayor Todd Strange, mayor of the City of Montgomery and Scott Miller, Director of Leisure Services for the City of Montgomery.  

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Giraffe calf Connye on display daily 9am - 4:30pm
The Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum proudly announce the birth of Connye, the zoo's newest giraffe calf.  She was born March 23, and made her public debut on Wednesday, April 22 at 10:30am during Mayor Todd Strange's Weekly Media Briefing.  After Connye's debut, she and her mother (Ashley) will be on display at the Giraffe exhibit daily 9am - 4:30pm, pending any animal husbandry needs.  

This is Ashley's first calf and Willie's (father) third calf.  Ashley is eight years old and Willie is nearly 12 years old.

Giraffe birth press release
Photo gallery from 
Story from WSFA
Story from Montgomery Advertiser


Animal Encounters

Everyone likes to see the animals, but at the Montgomery Zoo we bring you closer with our Animal Encounter stations.
  • Feeding the River Otters
  • Giraffe Encounter Post 
  • Petting Zoo
  • Elephant Keeper talk and Q&A
  • Lion Training Session
  • South American Flight Aviary
  • Asian Koi Fish Pond
  • Parakeet Cove

Rides, encounters and
other Zoo attractions
- Petting Zoo: Entry is FREE, Animal feed, $2 per bag. Located at the playground, open 10am - 4pm daily (pending weather).
- Lion Training session: 1:30pm daily at the Lion display adjacent to the Black Bear and Alligator Habitat.  Watch as keepers lead our two African lions through a series of target training exercises 
- Elephant keeper talk and Q&A session: 2:30pm daily at the double-decker, African elephant viewing station enjoy some interaction with one of our elephant keepers.  Learning interesting information about our three African elephants
- Giraffe Encounter Post: $3, open 10am - 4pm daily (pending weather and animal status)
- Miniature train: $3, open 9am - 5pm daily (pending weather)
- Parakeet Cove feed sticks: Entry is FREE. Feed sticks, $2 per stick, open 10am - 4pm daily (pending weather and animal status)
- Pedal Boat Rides: CLOSED FOR WINTER, reopen February 1, 2017.  $8 for the first person, $10 for 2, $12 for 3 and $14 for 4, max of four people per boat, 30 minute ride, riders must be 40 inches tall. Open 10am - 4pm daily, seasonal hours: Please call (334) 354-6243 or (334) 240-4960 to ride boats.
- Zoofari Skylift Ride: $5 per ride, per person. All riders must be at least 32 inches tall.  Guests riding alone, must be at least 42 inches tall. Open 10am - 4:45pm daily, pending weather.

Jungle Drums
Check out back issues of Jungle Drums in easy to view, download and read PDF versions.  Share with your family, friends and fellow zoo lovers. 
   - Spring 2013 issue
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   - Calendar 2014 issue
   - Spring 2014 issue
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   - Calendar 2015 issue 
   - Spring 2015 - Zoo Weekend issue
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   - Calendar 2017 issue




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